These last days I’ve been experimenting a little with PWA and React in a personal repo based on the React PWA Guide from codebusking.

You can use my repo as a PWA boilerplate in order to jump directly to code with React without worrying in the details.


  • Material Design and AppShell: Responsive, fit any form factor, desktop but the first is mobile. AppShell architecture implemented wearing material design got bressed by
  • ES6 via Babel: You can use ES6 feature with same babel-preset to create-react-app and dynamic module importing
  • Webpack — Remarkable configurations: Webpack configuration file has been written in configurable, optimzied and easy settings
  • Webpack — Developing Progressive Web App: You can check them of optimized bundling for PWA including code-splitting, multiple chunk and preload. As developing, reloading changes instantly by webpack-dev-server, also it is working well with service worker
  • HTTPS: Deploying to Firebase Hosting to run perfectly on HTTPS with PWA features
  • Web Push: Web Push demo also is branded at this app by Firebase Push Messaging
  • Service Worker: Generating service worker scripts is completly intergrated in build process with Webpack 2 and plugins
  • Web Manifest: Have a look how to installable webapp work by Web Manifest
  • Realtime Database: integrated firebase to show PWA how to work with fetched data and cached data via service worker
  • Code splitting: for speed optimization and initial page fast load.
  • React Lite Support: To achieve minimal vundle size at initializing time of the app, we support for building with react-lite. Simple, you can get another version of app running on react-lite if you could add the additional argument on build command when you build -- --env.lite

My updates and additions

  • Updated Webpack 4 and all the plugins used in the config.
  • Updated to Babel 7
  • Added React Hot Loader for realtime coding experience
  • Updated to React 16.5 & PropTypes
  • Removed React Tap Event Plugin as it is deprecated since React 16.4. See
  • Added Loadable Component for code splitting and in replacement of the asyncComponent method.
  • Updated to Material UI 3.3.0
  • Updated to Firebase 5.5.4
  • Added Cloud Firestore for the database implementation in the Users component.

Happy coding!

Thanks for your time!

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